Ivan Glucina

Expert in Freight & International Logistics

Following many years in senior management roles in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry in both Australia & New Zealand Ivan elected to step into the world of consulting. He specialises in Freight (international forwarding, domestic forwarding, courier and supply chain solutions) and client management.

In this 25 years experience, Ivan has managed various freight companies in Australia and New Zealand. He has led the implementation of many customised sophisticated supply chain solutions for his clients including Purchase Order Management, Vendor Management, DC Bypass, Direct-to-store models, Consumer delivery solutions and 3PL solutions.

He is now a Principal Consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts operating in both the Australian and New Zealand markets. Ivan enjoys adding value to businesses and has a problem-solving attitude. He strives to make a positive difference and gleans a great deal of personal satisfaction by exceeding the client’s expectations whenever he can.

Ivan has undergone extensive training to back up his experience in fields of Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Human Resource. He is constantly on the lookout for ways to upskill himself through different learning opportunities – both formal and through industry groups and associations.

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