Training organisation improves service and finds 56% savings in printing

Not For Profit

Company Profile

An Industry Training Organisation (ITO) with a Head Office in Auckland and training facilities in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Rotorua.


The Situation

The client had been with their incumbent print supplier for a number of years and was spending around $232,000 per annum on all their printing requirements. Being an ITO, a major part of this was spent on training course
manuals and supporting materials for their apprenticeship training. The printing comprised multiple short runs aggregated into course packs, and the fast response was required to cater for last minute changes in course participants.

Trainers throughout the country ordered their own requirements, and a high number of invoices resulted, making price verification difficult.

Our Approach

Our full audit of their printing expenditure established the baseline costs of all their print requirements and detailed specifications for all items. Following the presentation of our Discovery Report, we investigated alternative print suppliers relevant to this particular print segment and tested the market on our Client’s behalf.


The Results

As a result, we were able to identify another supplier with new technology and capability to address the issues of colour and binding flexibility. Following our Recommendation Report and a supplier presentation, the decision was made to award the business to the new supplier with the major benefit being that we achieved a fixed unit price, per manual, irrespective of colour content or binding method. This provided the client with the freedom to upgrade colour content, presentation and personalisation.

"In addition, we were able to achieve a significant $129,700 in annual savings."

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